How the sun, our greatest friend and enemy, could knock out the internet –, 9/2016

Women in Space Seek More Women in Space – Fast Company’s “Most Creative People” Feature, 2/2016

Interview with Werner Herzog on “Lo and Behold” film – TechCrunch, 2/2016

Lucianne Walkowicz: The guerrilla astronomer invading your public commute and bringing the cosmos down to earth – GOOD Magazine, 1/2016

A September Galaxy Ride – Astronomy Magazine blog, 9/2015

Adler Planetarium astronomer works to bring science within everyone’s reach – Chicago Tribune, 9/2015

Crains’ Tech 50: Meet Lucianne Walkowicz, an astronomer who’s on the hunt for extraterrestrial life – 7/2015

What To Wear To Work When You’re an Astronomer – Nordstrom blog, 7/2015

On The Media: Digital Dark Age (podcast), 6/2015

Profile in LSST E-News

Profile in Twoj Style (Poland’s version of Vanity Fair), 4/2012

“A Good Planet Is Hard To Find” – Op-Ed for, 8/2011 


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