Galaxy Ride

11226938_10156106878395026_4121710303382789022_o (1)

Galaxy Ride is a science roadshow designed to get families and other curious people excited about space science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The 350-mile bike trip began 9/18/15 on Chicago’s Museum Campus at the Adler Planetarium, make several stops along the historical Route 66 bike trail, and concluded on 9/25/15 at the St. Louis Science Center. Below is a round-up of information about Galaxy Ride, including road journals, photos and more. Additional information can be found on the Adler Planetarium’s Galaxy Ride page.

Road Journals

Day One: Chicago to Joliet
Day Two: Joliet to Dwight
Day Three: Dwight to Normal
Day Four: Normal, IL
Day Five: Normal to Lincoln
Day Six: Lincoln to Springfield
Day Seven: Springfield to Litchfield
Day Eight: Springfield to St. Louis

Photo Highlights

galaxyRide-92-L galaxyRide-89-L galaxyRide-75-L galaxyRide-68-L galaxyRide-65-L galaxyRide-64-L galaxyRide-63-L galaxyRide-53-L galaxyRide-51-L galaxyRide-46-L

galaxyRide-35-L galaxyRide-32-L galaxyRide-31-L galaxyRide-24-L galaxyRide-9-L galaxyRide-60-LDCIM100GOPROG0290737.


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