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Into the Maw: Reflections on the Privilege of Disillusionment

Fourteen years ago, I found myself at the front of around 10,000 people marching through Seattle. I had just moved there a month prior, and through a combination of enthusiasm and foolishness, I had volunteered to lead the peacekeepers for … Continue reading

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Remembering Hope at the White House Frontiers Conference #WHFrontiers

This past Thursday, I had the great honor of participating in the White House Frontiers Conference– a celebration of STEM hosted by President Obama, held at Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh. When the invitation landed in my email, I … Continue reading

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“Why Do Hackers Love Penises So Much?”: #EverydaySexism and the Unix Beard

I have long been a fan of the website Atlas Obscura– usually, they’re full of interesting, off-the-beaten path stories and fun adventure suggestions– so I was disappointed to see them publish one of the most casually sexist articles I’ve seen … Continue reading

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A Code of Conduct for Creating Productive Communities

We’ve just wrapped up admissions for the LSSTC Data Science Fellowship Program, and I am looking forward to introducing our wonderful group of students in the very near future! In the meantime, I thought it might be helpful to share … Continue reading

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Applications now open for the LSSTC Data Science Fellowship Program!

Update, June 10 2016: The applications for the first LSSTC DSFP are now closed, but there will be another change to apply next year. Stay tuned! I am pleased to announce that applications are now open for the LSSTC Data Science … Continue reading

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Rising Star Girls: #STEAM activities for space exploration, created by @Aomawa Shields

I finally had a chance to check out my friend Aomawa Shields‘ newly-released teaching and activity handbook for her project Rising Star Girls. Poetically subtitled “stars shine in many colors”, Rising Star Girls seeks to encourage middle-school girls from all backgrounds … Continue reading

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Imagining Black Futures: a mini-round-up on #Afrofuturism

Science fiction has long been a means for reimagining the present via our ideas about the future– a future that might be bright or dark, aspirational or apocalyptic. Stories about worlds with wildly different tech, social structures, and outcomes give … Continue reading

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