Futures Uncharted

Futures Uncharted is a visual storytelling project created in collaboration with Chicago illustrator Frank Okay. Futures Uncharted seeks to change the image of persons impacted by incarceration by using space travel as a lens for their experiences, while portraying them with humanity and individuality. The project consists primarily of large illustrated portraits, displayed in public spaces where they are impossible to ignore. These public visuals are complemented by a website, which pairs each of the images with the story and thoughts of the person being portrayed.

Futures Uncharted

Futures Uncharted (Triptych), by Frank Okay and Lucianne Walkowicz

The Cosmos Room

The Cosmos Room

The Cosmos Room is a sound and video environment for experiencing data in a direct and visceral way. It was first mounted at the 2013 TED Fellows Retreat in Whistler BC.


The following are images are stills captured from video of fluid motions.





Data Sonification & Composition

Below are compositions using sonifications of data from NASA’s Kepler mission. The sounds you hear are drawn from changes measured in the brightness of stars, which have certain frequencies that depend on how rapidly the star is spinning. The bottommost track incorporates samples of voices chanting in Buddhist prayer, and is part of an installation I am working on that addresses how human beings reach for knowledge.

Additional audio works can be found on my SoundCloud page.

Visual Art – Paintings & Mixed Media


The Big Bad (2005) – Top 20 finalist in TokyoPop’s Rising Stars of Manga


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