I’m an Astronomer at Adler Planetarium in Chicago, and a 2012 TED Senior Fellow. I study stellar magnetic activity and its effects on planetary habitability using data from NASA’s Kepler Mission. I’m also an artist, and work in a variety of media, from comics, to oil paint, to sound.

LWalkowicz AT adlerplanetarium DOT org


One Response to About

  1. Love that you’re using art and stunning visuals to bring your passion for astrophysics to the general public. And yes, I do think that the time is coming that art museums are “warming-up” to the idea of presenting provocative science topics of our day. I’ve been encouraging this intersection for 25-years, and it takes a shift in consciousness of the general public for change to happen, cannot be ushered-in from a top-down approach. You see, most art museums are run by and curated by art historians, and this affects their personal decisions in selecting exhibition topics [= allocating financial resources]. Also, they don’t feel they can be an “expert” on art-science exhibitions and that’s intimidating to them. But with your generation of naturally hybrid, art-science folks, this too will change. I hope to find an art museum to develop an expanded version of our COSMOS show in the future. Great to learn about the Art Train and all your public outreach efforts. Keep it up! Cynthia Pannucci, founder/director of Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. [founded 25-years ago in NYC; now international]

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