The #LSST Data Science Fellowship Program

Want to help grow the future community of astronomical survey scientists while also pursuing your own research? Read on!

We invite applications for a postdoctoral scholar to join the leadership of the newly-established LSST Data Science Fellowship Program. The LSST Data Science Fellowship Program is a series of survey-science-focused schools, designed to supplement graduate curricula with the skills researchers will need to make best use of LSST data. The postdoctoral scholar will divide their time equally between conducting a competitive research program of their own choosing involving data science in astronomy/astrophysics, and developing this new LSST-focused educational initiative. The position is formally located at CIERA/Northwestern, but the postdoctoral scholar will also spend time working with the LSST DSFP Director Lucianne Walkowicz at the Adler Planetarium (also in Chicago). Application deadline is 1/15/2016– APPLY HERE, and read on for more information.

About the LSST Data Science Fellowship Program

Modern astronomy requires a suite of emerging skills that are not traditionally covered by physics & astronomy graduate programs. These skills, which frequently edge into the realms of computer science, statistics, and advanced visual communication, are as essential to the field as calculus. The LSST DSFP was conceived as a way of helping spread these skills throughout the astronomical community: while we can’t teach every astronomy graduate student, we intend to create skilled advocates and an open curriculum that can be adopted (or adapted) by others. We hope to base these schools around hands-on projects, incorporating a range of topics such as statistics, machine learning, scalable programming, data management, and data visualization. The LSST DSFP launches in 2016, for an initial 3 year duration; we are grateful to the LSST Corporation for their support for this essential program.

If you have questions about the program or the associated postdoctoral position, please comment below or contact me via email: LWalkowicz AT adlerplanetarium DOT org

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