My new TED talk is up!

At TED 2015 this past spring, I gave a talk about human exploration of Mars. Specifically, I think excitement for exploring our neighboring red planet is great– but we shouldn’t lull ourselves into thinking that Mars will be our second chance if we don’t care for our home world, the Earth. I think our goals of interplanetary exploration and planetary preservation can work together, if we so choose. What do you think?

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2 Responses to My new TED talk is up!

  1. Really great and well focussed talk. I’m glad someone cares about the psychological outcome of humanity as a whole treating Mars as a viable Plan B. (Also, loved that line about the Titanic :))

  2. midmiocene says:

    Hi Lucianne. I was sent a link to your TED Talk about colonizing other planets. Wow. A great talk, and so timely!

    If you are interested I have written a series (Space or Bust, Space or Bust ll & Space or Bust lll) on my blog on the same topic. It begins here:

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