#ScienceTrain at the Seattle #AAS225: Weds 1/7 @ 12:30pm

If you are attending the AAS225 in Seattle this week, please join us for #ScienceTrain! #ScienceTrain is an initiative where scientists answer people’s questions on public transportation– you can read more about it here and here.

The AAS225 edition of ScienceTrain will take place this coming Wednesday at lunch time: we will meet in the entrance lobby of the convention center (there is a coffee stand there, so stand somewhere nearby). Please try to come right after the plenary talk ends, as we will plan to leave by 12:40pm at the latest.

We will walk over to the Westlake bus tunnel and hang out there for an hour or so. Because the AAS is such a busy time for everyone, I think hanging out in the bus tunnel is likely easier than actually riding the train– but having said that,  you can hop on the Light Rail or a bus from there if you so choose!

The Adler Planetarium’s awesome graphic designer David Miller has given me permission to use the signs he designed, so I will get some of those printed and bring them with. You don’t need to bring anything special besides yourself, an open mind and a willingness to talk about science with people. Feel free to bring friends– the more the merrier.

My apologies if you are one of the people who can’t participate during Wednesday lunch time– but remember that anyone can do Science Train, so please feel free to organize your own if you like! I bet there will be enough people headed to the airport on the Light Rail this Thursday…

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