Upcoming Exhibition: The Cosmos

Hey everyone, good news: three pieces from my Fluid/Dynamic series have been selected for exhibition in “The Cosmos”, the 15th International Art-Sci Juried Exhibition organized by Art & Science Collaborations. They will be on show in the New York Hall of Science from August 31st until March 2014. There’s a public reception with the artists on November 10th from 3-5pm if you’d like to stop by– more details to follow closer to the date. The selected works are already over on my Art page, but I’m reposting them below, along with a short artist’s statement.

Fluid/Dynamic #2

Fluid/Dynamic #3

Fluid/Dynamic #4

The elegant truth of our universe is that physics links all scales, from tiny to expansively huge. These video stills of tabletop fluid dynamics experiments recall images of the cosmos: the coalescence and birth of stars, the formation of galaxies, the turbulence of planetary atmospheres. The ephemeral moments captured here, in one human being’s kitchen on planet Earth, are reminiscent of these cosmological phenomena because they are small scale manifestations of the forces shaping our universe, which ordinarily unfold over millions of years. In this sense, the distant and seemingly unreachable cosmos is in fact close and personal.


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