Joining the GW/EM Skies

Below is some suggested further reading related to our AAS Special Session 329, “Joining the GW/EM Skies” (AAS 221, Jan 9th 2012, 2pm). This list is not intended to be comprehensive, but rather a starting point for learning more. Thanks to Jonah Kanner, Tony Piro, Andrew MacFadyen and Samaya Nissanke for suggested additions.

“Gamma-ray Burst Afterglow Plateaus and Gravitational Waves: Multi-messenger Signature of a Millisecond Magnetar?” (Corsi & Mészáros 2009)

“Identifying Elusive Electromagnetic Counterparts to Gravitational Wave Mergers: an end-to-end simulation” (Nissanke, Kasliwal, & Georgieva 2012)

“What is the Most Promising Electromagnetic Counterpart of a Neutron Star Binary Merger?” (Metzger & Berger, 2012)

“Detectable Radio Flare Following Gravitational Waves from Mergers of Binary Neutron Stars” (Nakar & Piran 2011)

“Radio Transients from Accretion-Induced Collapse of White Dwarfs” (Piro & Kulkarni 2013)

“Magnetic Interactions in Coalescing Neutron Star Binaries” (Piro 2012)

“Radio and X-Ray Signatures of Merging Neutron Stars” (Hansen & Lyutikov 2001) 

“Implementation and testing of the first prompt search for gravitational wave transients with electromagnetic counterparts” (LIGO & Virgo Scientific Collaborations)

“Correlated gravitational wave and neutrino signals from general-relativistic rapidly rotating iron core collapse” (Ott et al. 2012)

“Seeking Counterparts to Advanced LIGO/Virgo Transients with Swift” (Kanner et al. 2012)

“Synthetic Off-axis Light Curves for Low-energy Gamma-Ray Bursts” (van Eerten & MacFadyen 2011) 

Lightcurves described in the above paper are available online:


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