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Every Day is a Vigil

Like many others, I am shocked, saddened and angered by the grand jury’s decision in the Michael Brown case. And like many others have noted, the fact that I am white means I can be shocked, saddened, and angered– but … Continue reading

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Want to Recruit A Diverse Technical Workforce? Here’s How.

When was the last time you attended a technical meeting in which the first plenary talk, given by the project director, was about how and why workplace diversity is a major priority for that project? For me, the answer is … Continue reading

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A Non-Talk on Giving Talks

The following is a collection of almost entirely subjective advice about giving talks. Mostly this advice is based on what has worked well for me, but it’s also based on what I have learned in the course of sitting through … Continue reading

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Career Palanca

Yesterday, I asked my academic friends on Facebook what they thought of giving a copies of letters of recommendation to the students they’d written them for, as a way of giving those students encouragement they could reread when the going … Continue reading

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That Time We All Talked About Peer Review Together

Yesterday morning, I was pretty sure my greatest accomplishment for the day was going to be braving the blizzard (or PolarBearSharkNadoVortex or whatever we’re calling it now) to see the Pixies in Newark with some friends. I went to work, … Continue reading

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Second Ride of the #ScienceTrain

Two Saturdays ago, ScienceTrain took its second ride on the NYC subway! Our numbers expanded a bit this time, with Renee Hlozek (Princeton) and David “Doddy” Marsh (Perimeter Institute) joining Jeff Oishi (AMNH) and myself aboard the C train. We … Continue reading

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Open Call: Next #ScienceTrain, Oct 27

Are you a scientist who’s excited about your work, and interested in sharing that excitement with others? Do you want to help people have a serendipitous encounter with how cool the natural world is? Is there a public transportation system … Continue reading

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